Dunlop Racquets 2016

Dunlop tennis racquets

Dunlop has been undergoing a major shift in racquet design over the last few years to more modern style frame design and playing characteristics. Separately from their modular iDapt frame line that came out in 2015, Dunlop has refreshed some of their traditional one piece frames with the introduction of the Biofibre line. This line utilizes existing Dunlop tech like Aeroskin CX for better aerodynamics and Biofibre construction for improved feel and vibration filtering. Making adjustments to the weights, balance points and paint schemes over previous versions, Dunlop has a variety of offerings that will suit multiple play styles and levels.

Dunlop Racquets 2016

Advanced players who want the characteristics of a traditional player frame without the typical hefty weight associated with them should consider the Biofibre M2.1. Its 95 inch head provides a

DUNLOP Racquets 2016

high dose of directional accuracy and its low powered response allows advanced players to take big cuts at the ball. The 11.5oz strung weight puts plenty of weight on ground strokes and finishes balls at the net with ease. The headlight balance gives it excellent maneuverability for quick volley exchanges. The balance and open 16×19 pattern work together to create a solid level of spin, allowing players to further control their shots.

For those who want a bump in power without giving up much in the way of control, Dunlop has the F3.1 Tour and M3.1 models. Both feature a 98 inch head with a larger sweet spot and additional forgiveness. With slightly thicker beams than the 2.1 series, there is a bit more power potential in both frames. The F3.1 has a strung weight of 11.4oz, allowing it to swing comfortably while still packing finishing power and the stability to face big hitters. Players wanting something that accelerates through contact quickly should choose the M3.1 and its 11oz strung weight.


Dunlop Racquets 2016

Both racquets are headlight, making them easy to maneuver at net and use their power to finish off volleys. The F3.1 plays with slightly better accuracy thanks to its tighter 18×20 string pattern. Both models play with the firm crisp response players have come to associate with modern baseline oriented frames.

Beginners and players with slow swing speeds have an option with the updated Biofibre S8.1. This frame has an 115in head for a huge sweet spot and plenty of power on tap. The 9.5oz strung weight ensures players of any level can bring it through the zone with ease and generate power with minimal effort. The extra half inch in length also gives players some extra pop on serves and

Dunlop Racquets 2016

groundstrokes. With a head heavy balance, this racquet has solid stability for its weight class and ensures players can drive through the ball. The extra large head offers plenty of real estate for volleys and help when stretched out on defense.

While Dunlop tests the boundaries of innovation with the iDapt line, it has not abandoned traditionally built frames. The updated Biofibre line blends speed, power and precision across its models in order to create a diverse array of options for players. Whether you want to carve out winners from the net or play power baseline tennis, this refreshed series will offer a racquet to suit your game.

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