Sneak Preview: Yonex updates VCORE SV Lineup

Yonex Far Beyond Ordinary

Denis Shapovalov, Caroline Garcia, and Steve Johnson have been using the VCORE SV Line of racquets from Yonex this season. Yonex is refreshing the SV lineup around US Open Time, and these 3 players will debut the new frames during the summer hard court season. The chart below includes every model in the VCORE lineup:

Yonex VCORE Series SpecsYonex VCORE 95

To avoid confusion, Yonex has simplified the name of the new line to VCORE. Their players’ racquet lines are now VCORE, VCORE Pro (Wawrinka and Tiafoe), and EZONE (Kyrgios). Shapovalov will use the new VCORE 95, Johnson will use the 98, and Garcia the 100. There will be lighter versions of the 98 and 100, and a Game model (9.5 oz unstrung).

The VCORE Line adds NAMD technology, a revolutionary graphite that aids in spin production, and adds a comfortable flex.

Aero Fin

The center main strings now feature Liner Tech to reduce the sharp angling they experience when they enter the throat, 10 o’clock, and 2 o’clock positions (Aero Fins shown above). The technology is designed to expand the sweet spot horizontally and keep the ball on the strings longer. This encourages more spin and net clearance.

Aero Fin has been carried over from the previous SV, and added around the Bridge to reduce air resistance during fast swings. Yonex created Aero Trench, a sunken channel for the grommets in the upper hoop, to further reduce air resistance (shown below).

Aero Trench

The clear aim of the new VCORE line is to amplify racquet head speed, help players produce more spin, and ultimately result in shots that are more difficult for opponents to handle. The racquets ship on August 25, so stay tuned to Tennis Express for our official reviews and pre-order dates!


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