The Hottest From Both Lucky in Love Spring 2017 Collections

Model in Lucky in Love Tank and Core Black Pleated Skort

Tennis Ladies, welcome! I’ve gotten a touch and feel for both Lucky in Love Spring 2017 collections and compared them. Green with Envy and Fringe with Benefits both represent springtime perfectly in their own way, but only one item can stand out as this week’s hottest piece! Get a glimpse of the lines coming soon to Tennis Express!

The Green with Envy collection as a whole is flirty and almost gives off a school girl vibe. The long skorts come in a classic tournament/club design with a modern twist on deco prints. The green color Spruce has to make any tennis lover smile – because it reminds us of the court. This is a collection you can play well in but you’ll look even better in – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

I love the inspiration to get up and jump that I get from the Fringe with Benefits collection!  It’s almost like the gear benefits your mood to make you want to play. Why not make practice more fun? The trendiest in women’s tennis wear, the Fringe with Benefits collection lets you wear what YOU want! With the choice of so many prints and colors you can let your fierce personality shine.

Lucky in Love Athletic Long Sleeve Blog Image vneck

The collections released for spring feature Vaportex Technology and flatter any body with fitting style: mesh inlays, thumbholes and moisture management fabric. Lucky in Love produces quality tennis apparel that makes it look like you really care about the culture of the sport. You can choose a chic athletic top or a loose lounge look. Both collections offer a fresh aesthetic with breathable and duel fabric long sleeves.  Check out the cute details and differences between the Green with Envy V-Neck Long Sleeve and the Fringe with Benefits’ Long Sleeve Athletic Crew.


Both collections’ skorts show off Lucky in Love’s unique prints and constructions. The contrasting print on the Green with Envy Dot-to-Dot Border Tier Tennis Skort makes it easy to love. The delicate dots sit above the strong, bold hem border. It’s visually pleasing and artistic: pretty much a summation of the Green with Envy Collection. Another piece with personality is the Long Shape Up Fringe Scallop Skirt in White. The fringe friendly line has colors that shout, “wake up and shape up!” Awesome geometric prints and bright colors are just what you need to shake off that winter weariness and get back in the game!


This week’s hottest piece is the Shape Up Fringe Skort in White! This skort is loved so much that it’s going to take center stage Feb. 17, 2017, at the Delray Beach Open in Florida! The open’s dance-promo team, The Volley Girls, shake it in a sneak peak of their uniforms provided by @shopluckyinlove on Instagram. They give style inspiration to a girlie-girl like me in the color Shocking Pink!

Lucky in Love Instagram Post

Look out for the Fringe with Benefits debut during the 10 day open and tell us what your choice is for Lucky in Love’s hottest item of the week!


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