This Week’s Top Tennis Bags For Women!

There are always good reasons to replace your old tennis bag: the straps are worn out, it’s dirty beyond rescue, or you need more space. But let’s face it: we don’t really need a reason to buy a new bag. The bright sheen of the bag as you first open the package, the fresh “new” smell as you unwrap it, and the excited, confident feeling as you walk out the door with it for the first time are all incentive enough.

With our extensive, chic collection of tennis bags, you won’t have to choose a dull, bulky bag that is a mismatch with your stylish ensemble. From fun backpacks to funky totes and classy Italian leather bags, we have it all covered for you!

This one’s for the tote fan

The Glove It Women’s Tennis Totes are dotted with eye-catching prints and vivid colors to help you make a style statement wherever you go.

Glove It Tote Bag Glove It Tote Bag Glove It Tote BagGlove It Tote BagGlove It Tote BagGlove It Tote Bag

. With its multiple storage pockets, you will no longer have to empty the bag’s entire contents to fish for your keys. The adjustable straps at the top add to your convenience. My favorite one from the collection is Checkmate.

Glove It Checkmate Tote

I love how basic colors and a simple print can make for such a standout design!

if you prefer your totes plain, then the Maggie Mather Tennis Totes are the ones for you.

Maggie Mather tennis Totes    Maggie Mather Tennis Totes

They make use of vibrant colors alone to elevate the classic design, and quite successfully too. Pick a shade that contrasts with your tennis outfit and you’ve got yourself a stylish look. Plus, these bags are made with water-repellent fabric so you, quite literally, don’t have to cry over spilt milk. They’re also available in different sizes!

To the Backpack lovers

We present the EleVen Sprint Tennis Backpack. This one reflects the glamour and style of its creator, Venus Williams. It has quite a few zipper pockets for the “you never know when you might need it” pile. Williams herself will be carrying this bag at this year’s French Open. The print is also featured in EleVen’s recent apparel collection, so if you’re still on the search for a summer outfit, look no further.

Eleven Sprint Backpack

Another option to consider is the 40 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack. There are plenty of options for you to choose from depending on preferences, but what I love most about this one is that you can carry it as a crossbody bag too!

40 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack 140 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack 240 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack 340 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack 540 Love Courture Sophi Tennis Backpack 4

If all-over graphics aren’t your thing, try the Ame & Lulu Brooks Tennis Backpacks. They employ minimalistic prints and bright colors for a sophisticated style. The dominant use of black means that this backpack can easily be paired with many different outfits, so you can always be at the top of your fashion game.

Ame & Lulu Brooks Tennis Backpack 1  Ame & Lulu Brooks Tennis Backpack 2

For the fashionistas

To indulge in some high-end fashion and handcrafted finesse, get your hands on one of the Cortiglia Tennis Bags. Made with Italian leather, these bags offer timeless elegance and function. If you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting tennis bag, these options are perfect for you. Our top picks are the Marina Tennis Bag in Navy and White and the Belvedere Tennis Bag. The latter is also Oprah Winfrey’s favorite!

Cortiglia Marina Tennis Bag     Cortiglia Belvedere Bag

You can picture yourself carrying this bold, red beauty as you step out on the court, or this striking blue-and-white classic as you travel with great panache for a tennis tournament, can’t you?

These bags stand on two metal feet to protect the bottom, and feature tech pockets for all your essential gadgets.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Head over to Tennis Express and peruse our monstrous collection of tennis bags to find the perfect one!


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