HEAD Extreme Tennis Racquets get Updated with Graphene 360+

Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Racquets with Matteo Berrettini

HEAD updates their most spin-focused racquet family with Graphene 360+ technology. For years, the Extreme series was represented on tour by Richard Gasquet and Svetlana Kuznetsova. Now a new crop of talented pros like Matteo Berretini and Jan-Lennard Struff are continuing the exciting brand of tennis the Extreme is known for.



Head Graphene 360+ Extreme racquetNew Technology

“Graphene 360+” builds on the previous generation’s “Graphene 360” by adding innovative Spiralfibers in the lower sections of the head. The unique construction causes the Spiralfibers to stretch and untwist at contact with the ball for improved flex and feel. The previous generation of Extreme racquets not only improved the arm-friendliness of the franchise, they also incorporated funnel-shaped Spin grommets at the top of the head to boot snap-back and power.

New Extreme Racquet Line-Up

The new Extreme racquets include the Tour, MP, S, Lite, and PWR. The Graphene 360+ Extreme MP combines a manageable 10.6 ounce weight, 100 square inch head, and 16 x 19 string pattern. The MP represents the most well rounded of all the models, and it can suit multiple game styles. 


Extreme Lite and Extreme S

The Extreme Lite and S models feature brand new molds for 2020. They stand out from the rest thanks to their unique 105 square inch head size. These models keep a similar cross section as the MP, but due to their larger head sizes, the S and Lite offer more power and spin potential. The Extreme Lite is 9.3 ounces unstrung, and the Extreme S is 9.7 ounces unstrung.

Extreme Tour

HEAD Extreme Tour Tip

There is no Extreme Pro in this product refresh, but HEAD unveiled a new Tour mold for players looking for a bit more control. The Extreme Tour has a 98 square inch head and a slimmer beam (22/23/21 mm) than the MP. Though the string pattern is 16 x 19 like the other Extremes, the smaller head size makes the Tour’s string spacing much tighter for less power and greater control.The Tour is slightly heavier than the MP at 10.8 ounces, but it is still easier to wield than the previous Extreme Pro. Previous versions of the Extreme could wear through strings very quickly, but the Tour provides more string durability.

Extreme PWR

For those who crave power above all else, HEAD also offers the Extreme PWR. At 27.7 inches long and with a massive 115 square inch head, the PWR offers a large sweet spot and a crisp response. The PWR is a perfect match for an aging doubles player in need of an extra long frame with lightweight stability.

The new Extreme racquets have a striking shade of grey in lieu of the black from the previous version. HEAD incorporated their Tour line of bags with the Extreme color scheme which include a 6R Combi, 3R Pro, and Backpack (photographed below). To complete the Extreme ensemble, HEAD’s popular 6-sided polyester Lynx Tour is now available in grey. 


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