Spin Redefined: The Dunlop SX Tennis Racquet and Bag Series

Dunlop SX Tennis Racquets

In the beginning of 2019, Dunlop released some gorgeous new CX racquets with a very minimal color scheme. This year, Dunlop has updated their CV racquet line and given them a new moniker; Dunlop SX. The black and green frames focus on one thing: massive SPIN! They utilize SPIN BOOST grommets at the top of the head. That allows the main strings to slide 46% more in a specific direction to help increase ball rotation and power outside of the sweet spot. The technology touts greater control and spin potential even when missing the sweet spot. Sonic Core Technology with Infinergy was introduced with the CX series and now is continued onto the SX series for a more comfortable flex.

Across the entire SX racquet line, there’s a slightly expanded cross section of 23/26/23 mm giving you easier access to power. Another intriguing feature is located on the shaft just below the head. There grooves in the graphite maintain stability, but also offer a more aerodynamic performance, similar to what you see on the Babolat Pure Aero. Let’s dive deeper into Dunlop’s newest series to help you determine which frame is best for your game.

SX 300 Tour

The heaviest of the new series is the SX 300 Tour. It comes in at 10.9 ounces unstrung and has a 330+ swing weight requiring some serious muscle to use. Dunlop’s Power Grid tech helps create more power and forgiveness higher on the string bed while remaining denser in the sweet spot for extra control. This one offers more flex, control and stability than any other frame in the line, but will be a little harder to maneuver.

Dunlop SX Tennis Racquet Spin Redefined

SX 300

The SX 300 comes in a little lighter than the Tour model weighing 10.6 ounces unstrung. It has a more friendly swing weight (326) and slightly open sweet spot for easy power and forgiveness. The SX 300 is going to be easier to swing through the air and has enough mass to redirect hard shots effectively. Though stability may not be as strong, it can easily be customized to your liking.

SX 300LS

The SX 300 LS offers a slightly firmer flex rating of 68 and weighs just under 11 ounces strung (10.8 oz). Though it comes in a little higher on the RA scale, it’s still going to feel very comfortable thanks to Dunlop’s Sonic Core and Power Grid technologies. The 300 LS is a lighter, more maneuverable racquet than the 300 or 300 Tour but still offers excellent stability for a lightweight frame.



SX 300 Lite

Similar to the 300LS, the SX 300 Lite comes with a firmer flex rating (68) to offer players a little more free power but still provide comfort at impact. It’s the lightest in the SX line, at 9.5 ounces unstrung, making it easy to generate racquet head speed and remain mobile everywhere on the court.

SX 600

The most unique frame in the SX lineup is the SX 600.It has a light unstrung weight of 9.5 ounces, but has a slightly wider beam of 23-26.5-23 millimeter for easier power and stability. The SX 600 also comes with a slightly longer length (27.25 inches) and larger head size (105) for effortless spin as well as ball speed generation.

Dunlop SX Tennis Racquet Breakdown

SX Performance Thermo Tennis Bags

To match with the new SX line, Dunlop has also launched their SX Performance Thermo Tennis Bag line. Similar to the CX Performance bags, these SX bags feature many high-quality aspects for practical storage space and function. The largest is the SX Performance 12 Pack which has 3 main compartments (one with thermo lining), a large center compartment with 2 flexible dividers, 2 side accessory pockets, 2 open mesh pockets and padded backpack straps. The SX Performance 8 Pack will be very similar to the 12 pack, but comes with a slightly smaller width.

Dunlop SX Performance Thermo 12 Pack Tennis Bag         Dunlop SX Performance Thermo 8 Pack Tennis Bag

For players looking for something smaller, there’s also an SX Performance 3 Pack or SX Performance Backpack. Unlike any other 3 Packs on the market, the SX Performance 3 Pack specifically has a main compartment with thermo lining to protect your racquets and strings from extreme heat. The SX Performance Backpack is the smallest but provides the most on-the-go function thanks to its 3 main zippered compartments, side slip pockets, and padded straps on the back.

Dunlop SX Performance Thermo 3 Pack Tennis Bag                 Dunlop SX Performance Thermo Backpack

If you’ve been looking for spin-friendly racquets that are more comfort than any other on the market, check out the new SX series from Dunlop. To demo or purchase yours today, head over to TennisExpress.com.

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