Hey Guys! Step Into The Right Shoe for You!

Picture this: you’re down 6-4, 4-6, 5-6 (30-40). You’re opponent serves to your forehand, you return down the line, he runs, whips the shot cross-court. You run for the ball, ready to hit a drop shot to make the game deuce…and you SLIP and miss the ball completely. What just happened? You look at the bottom of your shoe and you’ve completely worn away the tread. Just like the tires on your car, when you’ve worn away the tread on, you’ve put yourself not only in physical danger….but  most importantly, you’ve put yourself in danger of losing. Gaining purchase as you run and try to change directions has become almost comical as you slip on the court looking like an ice-skater without skates. It’s time to replace your shoes.

Replacing your tennis shoes does not have to be a long, drawn out process. Tennis Express can help you find the new shoe that’s right for you! Whether you are looking for the most comfortable shoe to keep you feeling good on court, the lightest shoe to help you run that pesky ball down, or a durable shoe that will keep you going on the court for a long time, Tennis Express has  what you’re looking for.

Now, we all know a long list can be daunting to get through and discourage the need to take our time to choose what’s right for us, so let’s take a look at highlight reel for each of these types of shoes.

Trying to channel your inner Usain Bolt during your match? Do not give up on the ball as you’re opponent tries making you go left, right, left, left again, right! Are you a Nike guy? Why don’t you give the Air Zoom Ultra Tennis Shoe a try? Although they aren’t worn by any men on tour, they can be seen on the feet of fan favorite Eugenie Bouchard The Air Zoom Ultraflys are built for aggressive and explosive 360 degree agility on the court. The built in ankle brace helps provide stability as your moving on court in addition to the added traction provided by the XDR rubber and herringbone pattern. The mesh top provides the much needed breathability for your feet.  If you are don’t need the ankle support or want anything at all weighing you down, I would suggest the Air Zoom Ultrafly Low’s. A word to the wise, these shoes run tight, so the Tennis Express Shoe experts suggest that you purchase a half-size up. These shoes will have you moving at such great speeds and you will have to admit, will keep you looking pretty Ultrafly for a tennis guy!


Maybe the bright volt of the Nike Ultrafly isn’t your style, it’s too flashy? How many times have you walked off court, feet aching? all you want to do is sit down and put your feet up, maybe treat yourself to a foot massage after your post-match win? Why don’t you give the Men’s SFX 2 All Court  shoe by Babolat a look. This low profile shoe makes use of the Babolat’s exclusive Ergo-motion technology for fluid movement and effortless footwork straight out of the box. Zero-to-little break-in time required. Because, let’s face it, you’ve probably will not want to spend another minute in those old shoes of yours. The SFX’s seven layers of cushioning keep you feeling good as you move around the court. The large toe box feature tends to be too large those those guys with narrow feet. You get the best of comfort and lightweight with these shoes.

You’re the rock of your team. You are known to bring the clutch wins in their hour of need. Or maybe you practice like hell in order to move up in your team standings to secure that line you so desperately desire. Why don’t you pair this steadfastness and determination with the a durable shoe. The tried and true ASICS Gel Resolution 7’s will do just what you need to give it your best on the court.   With improved Flexion Fit on the upper, these shoes will be even more comfo  rtable than the last iteration, and will last just as long. The treads on the bottom are designed to last longer than almost any other shoe on the market, and can easily sustain daily play. You can be on the run, full stretch, plant your foot and recover straight away with this traction. ASICS is so certain that these shoes will weather the storm of a long league season that they are offering a 6-month Outsole Warranty! If these shoes break down or are not comfortable, send them back! I doubt you will be though, as these shoes are worn comfortably by many players on the pro circuit.

Are you the type of player that values comfort over everything? Than the adidas Barricade Boosts are the perfect shoe for you. Featuring the often-emulated Boost Techonology in the midsole, these relatively new shoes have seen a major uptick in usage over the last couple of years. the Boost technology makes this shoe an comfortable, yet durable shoe to your collection. The barricade chassis provide support and stability in the midfoot and leaves the forefoot to move and flex naturally. With this shoe you’ll get all of the benefits of the adidas Barricades with the added bonus of style.

Guys, you wouldn’t wait until the check engine light came on in your car! Why wait until you’ve worn through your current pair of shoes? Whether you’re looking for your shoe to embody lightweight, comfort, durability, or a combination of the three, you can find the right fit easily at Tennis Express.


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