Tennis Equipment You’ll Fall In-love With

For love-struck couples, Valentine’s Day is filled with candy and flowers. But for the tennis guru, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to fall in love with new tennis equipment. It could also be a day you realize it’s time to break up with an old racquet and upgrade to a younger model.

Love by its very nature encompasses a range of emotions. It’s a state of mind that lends confidence to the simplest pleasures of life. Love also means nothing in tennis, but everything on the court. If you don’t love your gear, how can you possibly expect to have a winning relationship? Likewise, if your struggling to trust your racquet’s performance, then now is the time, to be honest, and acknowledge the problem.

Whether you’re thinking about replacing your tennis equipment or looking to spice things up, start with some of the basics.

Tennis Equipment Essentials

Tennis racquets are an essential part of the game. Similar to a relationship, you want to find the right fit. First, you need to determine what it is you’re looking for. Do you want more power, or control, or how about something sexy?  Start by identifying your stroke style and level of play. This will be critical in finding the perfect partner.

Beginners will want to start with a racquet that is lightweight and has a bigger racquet head. Take for example the Babolat EVO Drive Lite Prestrung Tennis Racquet.  This is a lightweight racquet that incorporates design elements of the previous models. The frame has built-in shock and vibration absorption. It also has a 104 square-inch head size, which offers a bit more forgiveness than most, and is made with a 100% graphite construction. With a wide, honeycomb string pattern, this racquet will give a natural spin to the ball with a great entry point.

Intermediate players may want a tweener racquet that offers both control and power. It’s an excellent meeting in the middle. These types of racquets are very versatile and come in a variety of brands. They also fit several swing styles including fast, long strokes or lofty, flat swings.

A sexy example of this type of racquet would be the Wilson Ultra 100 v4 Tennis Racquet. With a clean-matte finish, the colorway alters between a vibrant blue and aquamarine. This tweener racquet has several performance upgrades, such as a new frame geometry and thinner beam construction. Besides having a more comfortable feel, it has enhanced stability and an expanded Sweet Spot, which makes it an excellent choice for your Valentine.

Advanced Tennis Equipment

Advanced tennis racquets aren’t just made for the pros. If you play high-level tennis, you know the value of a responsive racquet. You also know changing the head size, balance, or flexibility will bring your game to a whole new level.

For instance, the Yonex VCORE PRO 97H racquet is endorsed by big-name pros such as Stan Wawrinka and Hubert Hurkacz. It offers best-in-class stability with an unstrung weight of 11.6 ounces.  This control racquet has Flex Fuse technology which integrates a shock-absorbing polymer and a graphite resin to improve flexibility. As one of the heaviest frames in the Yonex family, this racquet was built for players who crave a tour-level experience.

Stringing them along

In addition to a new racquet, strings can make a world of difference too. There are various strings to help improve spin, add power, or the level of comfort you want.  Natural gut offers top-of-the-line tension for players at any level. It can be used at any playing level, but beware the natural gut is extremely sensitive to water and weather changes.

Another string type is multifilament. This is made of nylon and is wrapped or braided into a single length of string with a polyurethane binding agent. Multifilament strings tend to produce more power and comfort than solid-core or synthetic gut strings. They are designed for players with tender arms and elbows. However, they will lose tension more quickly than the natural gut.

Synthetic gut is the most economical option. It’s a nylon-based string with a solid monofilament core surrounded by one or multiple layers of smaller filaments. This construction provides all-around performance by combining the tension maintenance of the solid core and improving playability.

There are also hybrids strings that combine two different types of gauges. Hybrid strings have grown in popularity and allow players at any level to extend the life of their strings. They offer the best of both worlds.

Dating with our Demo Program

Like online dating, our demo program gives you the opportunity to try new racquets with a minimal investment. The process is easier than filling out an online profile. Start by choosing up to three demo racquets. Add them to your cart and select your preferred shipping method. You’ll pay a nominal fee and most orders arrive within 5 days.

Once you receive the racquets, take them out on the town. You’ll have a week to wine and dine them, or in this case, wack and attack with them. Use the box the demos came in, along with a pre-paid shipping label to return the racquets to Tennis Express. Should you find “the one”, we will apply the trial fee to the purchase of your new tennis racquet.

Don’t get stuck in the dump this Valentine’s Day. Visit and find the love you’ve been looking for!


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