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Roger Federer, the Swiss Maestro himself, is returning to the court, but not in a traditional way. Roger is showcasing his new signature shoes, made by On.  Tennis Express is among an elite group of authorized retailers who are adding these amazing shoes to our already massive selection.

On shoes have been around a while. They tapped into the sportswear market about nine years ago. The majority of their high-performance shoes are sold in the running and crossing-training space.

Born from Mother Nature, well philosophically speaking, On uses innovative materials such as vegan leather and other quality bio-based substrate to assemble an eco-friendly line of shoes. The company takes advantage of its Swiss heritage by engineering lightweight and extremely versatile products. Likewise, they have incorporated the majestic beauty of the country, like the Swiss Alps, and named an entire collection based on the clouds.

If you look closely at their unassuming logo, you’ll notice that the O looks a bit like a Q. However, that slight uptick was actually designed to imitate an “on-switch” and help motivate nature lovers and athletes alike.

Let’s move On and see what they have to offer.

On Shoes

Recognized as one of the fast-growing companies in the world, On is blazing a trail straight to the top of the footwear mountain.  They offer running, hiking, and active lifestyle shoes. Some of their competitors include big-name brands like Nike, adidas, ASICS, K-Swiss, New Balance, and Fila.

Driven by pure motives, On wants to help people perform at their peak. Whether you are running a mile or 10, doing squats, burpees, or lunges,  On shoes are customized to fit your feet. They give renewed confidence to your fitness routine and are made with ground-breaking features such as a 3-layer mesh, CloudTec®, and Speedboard®.

Also, On has adopted new practices that reduce its carbon footprint, promote sustainability, and even find organic flora, like castor beans to build new products. Oh, and did I mention they use 100% recycled materials for their packaging?

On shoes are attracting a global fanbase. In fact, they were worn by every Swiss athlete during the opening ceremonies at the 2020 Olympics, held in Tokyo, Japan during the summer of 2021.  Amature athletes are also falling in love with the comfort and durability of these awe-inspiring shoes.

Roger’s Signature Shoes

Historically, Roger was a Nike guy. He began his 24 years career in a pair of Nike’s. However, in July 2020, Roger switched to On. Known as a GOAT (greatest of all time), Roger has won 20 Grand Slam titles and 103 tournaments. For him to put his name on anything, let alone a pair of shoes, you know they have to be freaking phenomenal.

During the creative phase, Roger met with the founders, David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti. He also met with the design team and expressed his need for building a responsive shoe that would be full of cutting-edge technology, but wrapped in a timeless package.

Roger also playtested some prototypes, honing in on the qualities that would make his imaginative shoe a tennis sensation. Dubbed ‘The Roger Collection’ these are unmistakably Federer. It includes the Roger Clubhouse Mid, which is a mid-top throwback to the ’90s. It’s engineered for daily wear and has an ultra-contemporary design.

Perhaps one of the most impressive off-court shoes is the Roger Clubhouse. With unbelievable comfort and cushioning, this lifestyle tennis shoe is ready to take on the wildest concrete jungles.


Last, but in no way least, is the Roger Pro. Developed with the help of Roger, for players who want to command a point like Roger, this shoe took two years to perfect.  It is On’s first-ever performance tennis shoe. Equipped with a healthy dose of stability, support, and power, the Roger Pros are ready to elevate your game to the next level.

Are you ready to Switch On some of the best tennis shoes you’ll ever wear? Visit and buy your pair today!


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