Top Tennis Racquets

Updated: Sept 5, 2022

When you choose a tennis racquet, you need a tool you can trust during the most intense competition. There are so many racquets on the market: control racquets, “tweener” racquets, and power racquets are the three main categories. However, every tennis player is a little bit different. You want to make sure you settle on a comfortable, confidence-inspiring racquet, fit for your game. Here are the top tennis racquets out there right now. 

Wilson Ultra v4.0 Tennis Racquets

The Ultra is Wilson’s most powerful performance frame, and the racquets still offer tons of pop, but with version 4.0 the integrated FORTYFIVE° strategically within the layup to improve the stability and comfort. Wilson  also reduced the bulk of the Ultra v4 models by thinning out the shaft to make the racquet more comfortable and ergonomic. Carryovers from v3 include an Expanded Sweet Spot Channel to widen the cross strings for more string movement and thus more power, spin, and comfort. Crush Zone grommets return as well to increase dwell time for extra feel and control, and the v4 Ultras get a nice color shifting blue cosmetic, along the same lines as the v8 Blade. Wilson used Agiplast plant-based plastic for the bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce the environmental footprint of the new frames. Included models are the 10.6 ounce Ultra 100, 9.5 ounce Ultra 108, 9.8 ounce 100L, and 9.1 ounce 100UL.Wilson Ultra 100 v4 Tennis Racket

Babolat Pure Aero 2023 Tennis Racquets

There are certain racquet models that are so popular, they create a stop-down moment when the new model is revealed. Such is the case with the Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet. The brand certainly took some influence from the Pure Aero VS, as well as the old-school Aeropro Drive, in that the racquet skirts the majority yellow paint job for grey-chrome cosmetics with yellow geometric highlights. It is difficult to update such a popular without drawing the ire of die-hard fans, but Babolat has never been afraid of innovation. The new Aero goes with a more dense string spacing on the 16×19 pattern, to offer greater control and increased string durability as well. To improve the feel of the frame, Babolat added NF2 -Tech, which replaces SWX Pure Feel with Flax inserts in strategic portions of the frame to enhance shock absorption without overly deadening the feel. SWX Pure Feel remains in the Team, Lite, and junior Aero models. The presale is up for the Pure Aero, and Pure Aero Team, with the rest of the lineup to be released in January of 2023. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet


HEAD Auxetic Extreme Tennis Racquets

After the launch of the Boom series in January, and the Speed update in March, HEAD delivers their Auxetic technology to the Extreme Tour and MP. In addition to the crisp impact feel of Auxetic technology, HEAD made some subtle tweaks to these two models. The Extreme MP gets a different string spacing in the center of the sweet spot, to offer improved control and longer string life. The MP also gets a more headlight balance, which should make the racquet a little easier to swing when on the move. The Extreme Tour keeps a lot of what made the previous version great but offers greater control (according to HEAD’s own CPI index system). The most striking thing about the Extreme refresh has to the pistachio and avocado color scheme, which is unlike any other racquet on the market.  The Extreme series is endorsed on the pro tour by Matteo Berrettini, Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, and grand slam champion Barbora Krejčíková. The presale for the Tour, MP, Team, and Team L begins on August 18, 2022. HEAD Auxetic Extreme MP Tennis Racquet


Tecnifibre TFight 305 ISO Tennis Racquet

Endorsed on tour by US Open champion Danil Medvedev, The new 305 features Tecnifbre’s RS beam design, which pairs the control and stability of a square beam shape with the power of an elliptical one. For the new TFight, TF adds Isoflex technology. The hoop is designed to feature a softer flex and feel throughout the sweet spot, where the strings are longest, and a more powerful response from the racquet on off-center hits, where the strings are shorter. The racquet features a 10.8-ounce unstrung weight with a controlled yet explosive 18×19 string pattern. The ISO 305 is filled with foam to provide an additional feel and dampening. The racquet is a good choice for high-performance players who can generate high swing speeds. The string pattern offers impressive control, and the Isoflex technology helps with pace and stability to shots that miss the sweet spot. Tecnifibre once again proves themselves the king of the white racquet, by going with white grommets. Look for the rest of the TFights to arrive early in 2023.Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO Tennis Racquet


Volkl C10 Pro Anniversary and V1 Classic Tennis Racquets

The new Volkl C10 features a simple yet sleek look packed with some great features. Coming in as one of Volkl’s heaviest frames at 11.8 ounces, the racket has an incredible amount of stability and control that advanced-level players will enjoy. Twin Absorber handle technology is added to provide more dampening and comfort. Even though the racket is more on the heavy side, the thin beam and the open 16×19 string pattern will allow for great maneuverability and spin potential. For players on the intermediate level looking for lighter weight and more forgiveness, the C10 EVO will be a great choice for them. The EVO features a lighter weight of 10.8 ounces but it allows mere mortals to sample the iconic control the C10 is known for.Volkl 2022 C10 and V1 Update

Updating their all-classic racket, the Volkl V1 Classic is back with a new unique cosmetic featuring an all-grey color, with white lines corresponding to the color aesthetic. This newer version remains unchanged from its previous iteration keeping all the great features it’s been known for. The racket has a 102 square inch head size with a light but steady 10.1-ounce weight. To keep comfort in mind, the Dual dampening system is also in this racket to give you maximum comfort. All in all, this racket is perfect for players ranging from beginners all the way to the intermediate level.

For players looking for a more advanced frame with a similar feel, the VI EVO is the optimal choice for them. To assist in more stability, the racket comes in a little heavier than the VI at 10.8 ounces. This extra weight will be extremely beneficial when putting away heavy balls or grinding down those points. Bigger grommets are added to increase the sweet spot and allow for more comfort even on off-center hits.

Yonex EZONE 98 TOUR, 98 Plus, and 100 Plus Tennis Rackets

You can see below Yonex graced us with the 7th generation EZONES earlier this year. Well, now the line is complete with the addition of the EZONE 98 Tour, 98 Plus, and 100 Plus. The Tour is the heaviest and most stable EZONE model, and it tips the scale at 11.1 ounces unstrung. This version features the same more aerodynamic beam design as the 98, but a slightly more head-heavy balance. The Tour also features a heavier swing weight that will hold up against pace far better than the lighter EZONE models. The 100 Plus and 98 Plus models add a half inch to the frames for more power and spin, albeit with a little less mobility.

Yonex EZONE 98 TOUR (7th GEN) Tennis Racquet



Solinco Blackout XTD and Whiteout XTD Tennis Racquets

Adding to the recently released Whiteout and Blackout racquets, Solinco has dropped the new  XTD’s. The XTD makes reference to the extra half-inch in length, which takes the Whiteout and Blackout to 27.5 inches. The nice thing about these frames is that unlike most extended-length racquets on the market, these racquets maintain impressive mobility. The Whiteout XTD is a rarity among today’s racquets because it features a control-oriented thin beam and an extended length.

Solinco XTD Whiteout and Blackout Racquets



Wilson’s Clash v2 rackets use the brand’s FORTYFIVE° construction to create a racquet with incredible flexibility. It also has the stability to match any performance racquet on the market. The Clash lineup features a bright red cosmetic, with an embossed logo on the 100, 100 Pro, and 98 models. All the rackets feature AGIPLAST (a plant-based plastic) grommets and butt caps as a part of Wilson’s sustainability efforts. Wilson reengineered the tip construction of the Clash rackets to provide a more substantial sweet spot and improved stability. To add more control to the Clash 98 and 100 Pro, the brand switched to a more dense 16×20 string pattern. Also included in the Clash v2 lineup are the 100L, 100UL, and 108.


Yonex EZONE 98 (7th Gen) Tennis Racquet


The EZONE racquets are used extensively on the WTA and ATP tours, but they have impressive popularity with recreational players as well. Yonex racquets feature the brands’ Isometric head shape, which is designed to stretch out the sweet spot for improved forgiveness. The 7th generation EZONE line is anchored by the two most popular models: The EZONE 98 and EZONE 100. They both feature unique cross-sections to maximize power and comfort.

For this generation, Yonex modified the beam with an inverted frame design to create a softer feel. 2G-NAMD Speed has been added to the throat section to reduce energy loss and add stability. Yonex also increased the size of the shaft (just above the grip) with a convex design to reduce torque and provide more power on off-center hits. Yonex refers to the EZONE as the “the easy one” because it’s designed to make playing easier at all levels. You can see the EZONE in the hands of Naomi Osaka, Nick Kyrgios, Casper Ruud, and Belinda Bencic on the pro tour.


HEAD Auxetic Speed Pro and Auxetic Boom MP


HEAD is known for popular racquets like the Speed, Radical, and Extreme. Instead of refreshing one of these popular silos, HEAD went in a new direction with the Boom line. Sporting a completely different head shape, Morph Beam design, and new Auxetic construction, the Boom series is designed to be more forgiving for every player out there. Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the applied force, the bigger the Auxetic reaction. Because of the Auxetic construction in the racquet bridge, shots have a very different feel at contact, and this “feel” inspires confidence when players attack the ball.

To provide greater consistency across the racquet face, the Boom models feature HEAD’s UNI PATTERN, which sees the same string spacing across the entire racquet face. The Boom line features the heavier Boom Pro, midweight


 Boom MP, lighter Boom Team, and Boom Team L models.

HEAD updated their best-selling Speed line as well, featuring the same Auxetic construction. This model is endorsed on tour by Novak Djokovic, Jannik Sinner, Bianca Andreescu, and Karolina Muchova. The Speed racquets feature a striking black and white cosmetic, and a special aerodynamic cross-section, to make it easier to swing the racquet quickly. The Speed models include the Pro, MP, Team, and Team L.




Dunlop SX 300 2022 Tennis Racket

The Dunlop SX rackets are designed for players who want to increase the spin on their shots. With this redesign, SX models get a bright yellow cosmetic and a new V-Energy Shaft to bolster stability and power. To provide vibration dampening and power, Dunlop added Sonic Core with Infinergy courtesy of BASF on both sides of the upper hoop construction. The SX models are successful in creating spin thanks to the Spin Boost StringTech. This widens the gap between the main strings and lengthens the gap between the cross strings. This causes increased string movement for increased rotation. The SX racquet line includes the SX 300, SX 300 Tour, SX 300 LS, SX 300 Lite, and SX 600. Advanced players will favor the heavier and more stable SX 300 Tour, while beginner and intermediate players will enjoy the lighter models like the SX 300, 300LS, and Lite.




Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga and TF40 305 Tennis Racquets



2020 French Open Champ Iga Świątek surprised many when shortly after winning her first major title, she made the decision to partner up with the French brand for a new racquet. Just over a year later, TF brought the T-Rebound 298 Iga to the market. The current version of her racquet drops the T-Rebound moniker and instead is simply called the Tempo 298 Iga. While the previous T-Rebound models have all featured a slightly reduced length, the 298 Iga is a standard 27 inches, to make sure it has the stability to hold up on tour.

The frame represents a nice middle ground between the precise and controlled T-Fight racquets and the maneuverable yet powerful T-Rebound models. To enhance the racquet’s feel, the entire frame is foam-filled. The 98 square inch head and 16×19 string pattern make the 298 Iga a very user-friendly racquet to play, and it can work for competitive players, as well as recreational weekenders. 

The Tecnifibre TF40s are the brand’s most controlled racquets. The racquets borrow a little bit from the T-Fight RS models, but they feature a less rounded and more box-beamed RS Sharp Section. The racquet heads of the TF40s are filled with foam for a classic feel and a comfortable response. The line includes the TF40 305 16×19, TF40 305 18×20, and TF40 315 16×19. Chronic string breakers will love the more dense 18×20 version.  Also, those who want more height and spin will favor the 16×19 versions.




Babolat Pure Strike VS and Pure Strike 103 Tennis Racquets

Babolat’s “Sharp Control” Pure Strike arsenal adds two new models. The Pure Strike VS, and the Pure Strike 103. The Strike VS doubles down on precision. It also applies Control Frame Technology to a thinner beam, softer flex, and classic 16×20 string pattern. Throw in the leather grip and you have the most controlled Pure Strike yet. The Strike VS fits the mold of an advanced player who craves control, but the 103 offers a bit more mobility and forgiveness. The 103 takes the Pure Strike beam design and gives it a more forgiving 103 square-inch head. The recipe is perfect for control enthusiasts who still favor a traditional racquet design, but who need an extra boost of power.


Solinco Blackout and Whiteout Tennis RacquetsThe brand launched the Blackout series racquets, which include four models: The Blackout 300, 285, 265, and 245. Each Blackout frame features a modern “tweener” cross-section of 23.5-26.5-23 millimeters. Solinco embedded a unique material, 40T Carbon at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the racquets for greater stability and an expanded sweet spot. The Blackouts have the maximum beam width just above the racquet bridge they call the Power Flex Zone to increase power and stability. To make the racquets more comfortable, Solinco used Liquid Crystal Fibers in the layup to reduce vibration and improve flex and feel. Each Blackout model has a spacious 100-square-inch head with a 16×19 string pattern.


The two Whiteout models, 290 and 305, feature thinner, more traditional box beam designs and they benefit from Foam Core Technology. Additionally, a PU density foam fills the racquet head for a better feel and vibration dampening. 

Both models are compatible with Solinco’s Weight Control Module. This model features interchangeable 5- and 10-gram end cap plates to customize the weight and balance of the racquets.




Volkl V-Cell V1 Pro Tennis Racquet

The V-CELL V1 Pro toes the line between crisp feel and comfort at contact. Volkl’s Super-G grommet system, along with their Revolutionary EVA material inside the handle and V-Tex butt cap helps the V1 Pro play very forgiving for a heavier racquet. While most Volkl racquets feature a more open string pattern, the 16×19 pattern in the V1 Pro offers a nice blend of control and pop. 


For all the top tennis racquets, and for the rest of your tennis gear needs, you can always head to Tennis Express.