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tennis apparel

If you’re looking for sporty, high-quality, sophisticated tennis apparel for women, then do we have the brand for you!  Introducing Sofibella and their latest colorful collections.

Sofibella History

Tennis fans across the country have been impressed by a Sofibella since they launched in 2010.  The young golf and tennis apparel manufacture is gaining traction in the clothing space.  Among their friendly rivals are Tail, Eleven, Lija, Jofit, Bolle, and even Lucky In Love.

Best known for manufacturing high-quality fashions, Sofibella combines technology with appealing textures and patterns. Besides their dazzling designs, they are adding some cool performance features. For example, many clothing characteristics include UV protection, stay-dry microfiber, and anti-microbial protection. They also added memory stretch to select items.

WTA pro, Raluca Olaru, from Romania is a huge fan.  Ranked 41 in the world, Olaru wears Sofibella and says her favorite thing about the apparel is the large variety of colors.

Airflow & Euphoria

The Airflow and Euphoria tennis apparel collections are some of Sofibella’s newest creations. Both culminations offer gorgeous new prints. They also embrace the seasons.  Each piece was designed with a more flowy silhouette. Yet they still have plenty of technical benefits woven into the material such as UV Protection, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial treatment.

tennis apparel

The sleeveless tennis tops extend a more classic fit.  They also pair nicely with the 13-inch or 14-inch skorts that are available in matching patterns.  All items come in various sizes, and even a long sleeve tennis top is available in select prints.


Branching out on their creativity, Sofibella created Bella-LITE.  This eclectic collection features colorful tops with matching contemporary printed skorts.  Each item is made from a lightweight material and equipped with UV protection. These too are quick-drying and are highly functional. Please note, this line is only available for a limited time.

tennis apparel

The tennis tops from this collection were designed to show off your serve and then some! Their simple design is both athletic, yet incredibly comfortable.  Made from some of the softest materials on the market, these items are flexible.  They have a generous give, allowing you to stretch and reach your next point without hesitation.   As a bonus, the high neckline and UV protection are great for outdoor play. These tennis tops come in a variety of colors making them easy to pair with other Sofibella skorts.  Depending on the style, the skorts from this collection range in length from 13-inches to 14-inches.  They are available in pretty patterns and have a flattering silhouette.  The skorts are lightweight and come with a pair of attached shorts, perfect for holding a ball or two.

UV Protection

Talk about coverage!  This line offers optimal protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The Sofibella Women’s Long Sleeve Tennis Top is just one item from the collection.  This long sleeve, crew neck was made with the manufactures signature performance fabric. They come in whimsical colors such as Berry Red, Lavender, Plum, Nectarine, Bubble, Cloud, and more!

tennis apparel

There is also an assortment of tennis tanks, short sleeve tennis tops, and skorts from this collection.  The quality and construction are similar to BloqUV, which is regarded as one of the best brands in the sun protection clothing space.

Center Line & Alignment Apparel

If you tend to lean more towards the conventional tennis player ensemble, then the Center Line and Alignment collections are for you.  Both offer simple lines and a crisp, fresh look.  However, they are still equipped with some modern-day features you’ve come to know and love from Sofibella. Not only do these pieces have UV protection and are moisture-wicking, but they offer a memory stretch for the ultimate in comfort!

While the majority of garments from these collections come in white, some have minor accent colors.  These tennis tops and skorts are incredibly versatile. Plus a few are available in a tall with a 15-inch length.

Believe it or not, there is even more tennis apparel available from Sofibella and other quality brand manufactures such as  Nike, Adidas, Fila, and New Balance.

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