City Graffiti with Lucky in Love

City Graffiti

Lucky In Love has done it again with a trendy new collection! If you want something that is elegant but has that rugged edge, then this is just the thing for you! They named this collection City Graffiti for the sporty urban style and bright pops of color. All of the items in the City Graffiti collection can be mixed and matched to give you a stunning outfit for your upcoming match. Plus each piece varies in style giving you a variety to choose from. So come show off your style and see how you can mix and match.

City Graffiti Collection

Long Roller Pleated Tennis Skort

This skort brings some skater style to the courts with its dark coloring and pleated silhouette. It’s a longer skirt with built-in shorties for extra coverage. The darker colors and decorated hem make it perfect for pairing with other items in this collection or with other pieces from your wardrobe.

While it is stylish it is also functional. This skort is complete with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable as you play on upcoming sunny days.

High Low City Graffiti


High-Low All-City Tennis Tank

You will love this stylish tank for its rugged, cutting-edge style. Its high low hem gives it a drastic look from front to back that compliments any skort or pair of shorts. Made of mesh material, this tank is as fashion-forward as it is functional. Complete with breathable fabric and moisture-wicking technology, it will keep you cool and dry during even the toughest matches.

This tank pairs nicely with the Lucky in Love Long Roller Pleated Tennis Skort and their Ruched Tier Tennis Skort.

Tennis Express

Goddess Mesh Long Sleeve Tennis Top in Passion Pink

This bright shimmery top will make you stand out on the courts. Place this over a tank or sports bra to give your outfit a touch of flair. Made of mesh, this top is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable as you play. We recommend layering this over the top of the Lucky In Love Cold-Shoulder Tennis Tank to give yourself a phenomenal look for the courts.

Cute Tennis Skort

Ruched Tier Tennis Skort in Splatter

Decorated with passion pink accents on the side, this skort’s length can be adjusted to what is comfortable for you. It also has a stylish urban pattern with a layered silhouette and a ruched hemline. Feminine yet wild and combative, this skort will become your sidekick during any touch match. With its moisture-wicking fabric and a soft comfortable feel, nothing will hold you back from shooting your shot. Make this skort a part of your wardrobe!

Find The City Graffiti Collection at Tennis Express

The City Graffiti Collection and other stylish pieces can be found here at Tennis Express. Show off your inner fashionista on the court with top brands such as Lucky In Love, Nike, Eleven, and more. We want to help you inspire your inner champion with the latest gear and styles. So, check us out and allow us to help you gear up for your next game!


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