Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String Review

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Construction: Shaped Co-Polymer Monofilament Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String Reel

Color: Green or Black

Gauge: 15G (1.35 mm), 16G (1.30 mm), 17G (1.25 mm)

Length: 40' or 660'


Test Racquet / Tension

Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16M @ 52lbs/ 54lbs



Wilson found a lot of success when they introduced their Revolve polyester string to the market. Looking to add even more spin to an already potent string, they have now introduced Wilson Revolve Spin. This model retains the same ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) coating of the original, allowing for low friction and increased snap back. However, the Spin version now has a pentagonal profile for increased ball bite and spin potential. I was a big fan of revolve when it debuted so I was anxious to hit the court with this new member of the Revolve family.



Revolve Spin fell into the low powered category for me. It does not bring a lot of inherent power to the table; instead players must bring the power with them. While some players may be disappointed, I enjoyed this feature. The low powered nature allowed me to consistently take massive cuts at the ball without fear of sailing the ball long. I could load up and hit massive groundstrokes that reliably stayed in the court. As a result of this low powered construction, control was also excellent with Revolve Spin. I had no fear of over hitting and also found the string to have great directional accuracy. I could target lines and corners with ease, moving my opponents around the court. Spin production was also off the charts. The string’s sharp edges grabbed the ball, producing even more topspin than the original Revolve. On the original version, I felt the spin potential dropped off as the UHMW coating quickly wore off. Revolve Spin had the benefit of having a pentagonal shape so that even as the coating wore off, there was still an edge to grip the string and impart spin.


Feel / Comfort

The feel of Revolve Spin could be described in one word: firm. It was not built as a soft, comfort focused polyester. It played with a firm, crisp feel on contact. Even though it was firm, I never felt it played harshly. I enjoyed the crisp yet clean response it provided on contact. There wasn’t a lot of ball pocketing to be had at my 52 pound tension but the string was so controlled that I’d be willing to experiment with significantly lower tensions in the future to try and get a bit more pocketing from the string bed. Players in need of maximum comfort may need to look elsewhere or hybrid this string with something softer. I never ran into any comfort issues but this string did play on the firmer side of the polyester spectrum. Bare minimum any player with a comfort concern should lower the tension on revolve Spin to improve the comfort and soften up the string bed a bit.



I came away impressed with both the durability and playability of Revolve Spin. While I felt the UHMW coating wore off relatively quickly, the string itself resisted notching well for how sharp of an edge it had. It had some notching after a few hours but I was able to cross the double digit court time threshold before it eventually broke. Getting into double digit court time with a polyester is usually an indicator of solid durability for me and this string made it into that category. Playability was another enjoyable aspect of using this string. The tension maintenance was very solid and I had no control issues as it lost tension. The feel became a little less comfortable and it buzzed a little more near the end, but I was able to play my style consistently throughout the lifespan of the string.



Spin junkies have a new weapon in their arsenal with the introduction of this string. The combination of an UHMW coating a sharp string shape provide incredible pin and bite on the ball. The low powered response offers ample control and a crisp feel on contact. Big hitters looking to amp up the spin on their shots without sacrificing durability or tension maintenance should enjoy hitting with Wilson Revolve Spin.


About the Reviewer: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5+ League and Tournament player.

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