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BloqUV clothing protects your skin where you need it most! These products completely cover your chest, shoulders, and arms without feeling making you feel hot under the sun. Moisture wicking fabric keeps your skin dry and cool, while flexible material gives you freedom of movement. All BloqUV fabrics are tested in accordance with the American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist (AATCC). Fabrics are tested by undergoing 40 home launderings and 100 hours of simulated light, so you will get quality time with this clothing. BloqUV products provide a minimum of UPF 50 that blocks 98% of the sun’s rays so customers can be confident in the protection provided by these garments - no matter how sunny. Soft, high quality, chemical free fabrics are used by BloqUV to protect your skin from the sun. To get the best out of BloqUV clothing, follow these care instructions: machine wash in cold water, do not use bleach, dry in low heat or hang dry, do not iron, and avoid washing with towels and cottons! If you want to learn more about the protective athletic grear we offer, read our blog "Here Comes the Sun!"

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