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While Volkl might be known for making skis more than tennis racquets, this German company has been establishing itself as a presence on the court through technological advancement and staid German engineering over the years. Volkl technology has been present on the courts and in the hands of championship players for the past 30 years. When Petr Korda won the Australian Open and went on to be the first Grand Slam singles winner in 1998, his racquet of choice was a Volkl.

Technology is the hallmark of this company, and champs like Radek Stepanek recognize that a Volkl racquet makes a difference on the court. Stepanek uses a Volkl racquet to compliment his style of play as well as defend against the big games of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Volkl's Organix compound and DNX advancements gives their racquets superior power and performance. And the inner EVA layer of the handle is thinner than usual, giving the player an extraordinarily direct feel for the game. It also reduces the vibrations created by ball impact, making Volkl racquets more comfortable than one might expect for so much power. Living up to the reputation of German engineering, Volkl imbues its products with a series of technologies designed to enhance the game of every player at every level of skill.

Volkl's list of high-tech advancements is extensive, so if you're in the market for a high tech racquet with cutting edge innovation, look no further than Volkl.

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